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Categories of Registered Student Organizations

  • Academic/Pre-Professional/Honorary
    Groups that further the content knowledge and experience in an academic field or professional area. Some of these organization may have Greek Letters in their name, but are not associated with the Greek Life governing structures.

  • Graduate/Professional Student Organization
    Organizations created and maintained by graduate or professional students. These organizations must contactGPSA after completing the online registration.

  • Spiritual/Faith-Based
    Groups that promote the personal growth of associated members in relation to spirituality and/or religion.

  • Diversity & Multicultural
    Groups that celebrate educate and communicate the nature of specific shared identities and experiences such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and ethnicity.

  • International
    Groups that celebrate, educate, and communicate the nature and individualities of a specific culture or nationality outside of the United States.

  • Club Sports
    Organizations founded around a sport that can be categorized as recreational, instructional, or competitive as defined in the Club Sports Manual. These organizations must contact Club Sports after completing the online registration.

  • Civic Engagement & Advocacy
    Groups that further the progress of an idea or initiative to affect the community at large (Service, Political, Social Justice, Advocacy).

  • Special Interest
    Groups that encourage social interaction around the basis of a shared interest or theme.

  • Fraternities & Sororities
    Groups that are directly associated with the Greek Life procedures and policies on campus and have an existing relationship with one of the four Greek governing councils.